Was On Phone For Two Straight Hours With Xi Jinping: Joe Biden

Was On Phone For Two Straight Hours With Xi Jinping: Joe Biden

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February 12, 2021

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that his first phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping since taking office lasted two hours. "Last night, I was in the phone for two straight hours with Xi Jinping," Biden told reporters -- an unusually long interaction for a US president, with whom even face-to-face meetings rarely stretch beyond an hour.

New Delhi, 12 February 2021

As per news report of NDTV, Biden warned afterwards that if the United States doesn't "get moving" on China policy, "they're going to eat our lunch." He challenged President Xi Jinping on human rights, trade and regional muscle-flexing during the call, which aimed at setting the tone for the US-China relationship. Beijing has tested US ties since Xi Jinping came to power, and under former president Donald Trump found itself on the receiving end of trade tariffs as relations frayed.

Source -NDTV


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