Judge dismisses part of Texas' "sanctuary city" lawsuit against San Antonio

Judge dismisses part of Texas' "sanctuary city" lawsuit against San Antonio

July 11, 2019

In its first enforcement action under a controversial new law, Texas sued San Antonio last year, alleging that the city had broken the law in December 2017.

In a setback for the state in its first enforcement action under a controversial, anti-“sanctuary cities” law passed in 2017, a district judge in Travis County has dismissed several claims made by the Texas Attorney General’s Office against the city of San Antonio, which the state claimed had “materially limited” the enforcement of immigration laws.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the city in November 2018, alleging that officials there had violated the law in December 2017, when San Antonio police discovered a trailer carrying 12 individuals from Guatemala who were suspected of being undocumented. The driver was later prosecuted, but the migrants were released without the involvement of federal immigration authorities. The state also alleged that the city had a general policy against complying with federal authorities on immigration laws, a claim San Antonio denies.

But at the time of that incident, several relevant provisions of the law were barred from enforcement because of a temporary injunction from a federal court in unrelated litigation, State District Judge Tim Sulak ruled July 2. Most of the law was later reinstated.

The city has maintained that it did not break the law — but argues that even if it had, the relevant portions were enjoined at the time. Sulak agreed with the city, dismissing claims that it had “materially limited” immigration enforcement during the period when that provision of the law was blocked.

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