Kangana Ranaut, Javed Akhtar Face-To-Face In Court

Kangana Ranaut, Javed Akhtar Face-To-Face In Court

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September 20, 2021

Actor Kangana Ranaut has filed a counter-complaint against lyricist Javed Akhtar in a Mumbai court, alleging "extortion and criminal intimidation".

New Delhi, 20 September 2021

As per news report of NDTV, Kangana Ranaut has accused Javed Akhtar of threatening her and also said she had "lost faith" in the Metropolitan Magistrate's court in Andheri. Ms Ranaut's lawyer informed the court of a request to transfer the case. Ms Ranaut's counter-complaint is in response to a defamation suit by Mr Akhtar, who has alleged she dragged his name into a TV discussion last year on the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The two came face-to-face in the courtroom, where Ms Ranaut arrived accompanied by her enhanced CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) security entourage.

Source - NDTV


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