"Mentally Retarded": Khushbu Sundar Slams Congress After Joining BJP

"Mentally Retarded": Khushbu Sundar Slams Congress After Joining BJP

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October 14, 2020

Actor Khushbu Sundar, who changed camp from the Congress to the BJP, hit back at her former party today, saying the Congress "does not want an intelligent woman" and there is "no freedom to speak the truth" within the party. Ms Sundar, who was a national spokesperson of the Congress with a strong social media presence, had alleged that some leaders were "dictating terms" and "suppressing" her.

New Delhi, 14 Oct 2020

As per newsreport of NDTV, the Congress had said her exit will not affect its performance in the next year's assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. On arrival at the Chennai airport today, Ms Sundar called the Congress "mentally retarded", citing the comments by state Congress leaders. Later, at the press meet at the BJP office, she said: "I was loyal to the Congress. But the Congress disrespected me... They (the Congress) don't want an intelligent woman. To say that I was seen only as an actress, shows the Congress' cheap thoughts."

Source -NDTV


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