Pyongyang launches ‘unidentified projectile’

September 28, 2021

North Korea has fired an unidentified munition off its east coast, according to Japanese and South Korean military sources cited in local media, just as Pyongyang’s envoy took the stage to address the United Nations in New York. | Read more|

South Korea arrests leader of church with big cluster

August 1, 2020

South Korean prosecutors arrested the elderly leader of a secretive religious sect Saturday as part of an investigation into allegations that the church hampered the government's anti-virus response after thousands of worshippers were infected in February and March. | Read more|

Kim boasts of his nukes amid stalled talks with US

July 28, 2020

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un said his country's hard-won nuclear weapons were a solid security guarantee and a reliable, effective deterrent that could prevent a second Korean War, state media reported Tuesday. Kim's comments before war veterans marking the 67th anniversary of the end of the 1950-53 Korean War again | Read more|

North Korea rejects Seoul's overtures

June 17, 2020

North Korea said on Wednesday that it would redeploy troops to demilitarised border areas, rejecting South Korea's offer to send special envoys to ease tensions and effectively ending 2018 reconciliation efforts. | Read more|