UK army deployed to hospitals

January 8, 2022

Military medics have been tasked with aiding the NHS after at least 24 hospital trusts declared critical incidents, amid staffing shortages that risk compromising their ability to care for patients and provide priority services. | Read more|

CIA was ready to wage gun battle in London

September 27, 2021

Under Obama, the CIA wanted to define Julian Assange and other journalists as “information brokers” in order to ramp up their spying on them. And during the Trump era, it prepared plans to abduct or kill the WikiLeaks founder. | Read more|

London Teacher Killed On 5-Minute Walk To Pub

September 24, 2021

British police said on Thursday they had arrested a suspect in the hunt for the murderer of a teacher who was killed in a London park as she made a five-minute walk from her home to meet a friend at a pub. | Read more|