76 Dead In Maharashtra Rain Fury, 90,000 Moved To Safety

76 Dead In Maharashtra Rain Fury, 90,000 Moved To Safety

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July 24, 2021

At least 76 people have died in rain-related incidents, including multiple landslides, in Maharashtra. The deaths include 36 who died in a landslide in the coastal Raigad district, about 70 km from state capital Mumbai. However, it is feared the death count could be over 100, as many may be trapped after landslides or have been swept away by the floodwaters in affected districts of the state.

New Delhi, 24 July 2021

As per news report ofNDTV, several districts - primarily the Konkan region - have been receiving incessant rain over the past few days, leaving thousands stranded in floods and landslides."Thirty-three dead bodies recovered, 52 still missing. A total of 32 houses have been destroyed," Maharashtra Minister Eknath Shinde was reported as saying by news agency ANI after a visit to Tilaye village in Raigad following landslide due to excessive rain.

Source - NDTV

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