Kuwait to lay off 6 Lac marginal workers

Kuwait to lay off 6 Lac marginal workers

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May 18, 2020

The first step towards replacing expats with Kuwaitis, taken the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Walid Al Jasim, has led to popular and parliamentary support, amid calls for similar steps in all sectors across the country, to get rid of unproductive manpower.

New Delhi, 18 May 2020

As per news report of Gulf News, while Al Jasim’s decision to suspend appointing expatriates and replace those present in the municipality stirred the stagnant water on the issue of Kuwaitisation, sources close to the marginal jobs’ file revealed a “containment” government plan to reduce these jobs as a first step, to be followed by serious other steps mainly laws envisaged to put an end to the “unreasonable increase” in the proportion of expats, who exceeded 70 per cent of the Kuwati population.

Source -Gulf News


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