PM Modi arrives in Italy for G20 Summit

PM Modi arrives in Italy for G20 Summit

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October 29, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday arrived in Rome in Italy to participate in the G20 Summit where he will join other leaders in discussions on global economic and health recovery from COVID-19, sustainable development and climate change.

New Delhi, 29 October 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, The Ministry of external Affairs said in a statement that Prime Minister Modi was received by senior officials of the Government of Italy and Ambassador of India in Italy. “During my visit to Italy, I will also visit the Vatican City, to call on His Holiness Pope Francis and meet Secretary of State, His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin,” PM Modi said on Thursday. In his departure statement on Thursday, Modi said he will be visiting Rome and the Vatican City from October 29-31 at the invitation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, following which he will travel to Glasgow, the UK, from November 1-2 at the invitation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The prime minister said on the sidelines of the G20 Summit he will also meet with leaders of other partner countries and review the progress in India’s bilateral relations with them.

Source - The Indian Express


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