Covid Hospitalisations Jump 60% In US' "Most Densely Populated" State

Covid Hospitalisations Jump 60% In US' "Most Densely Populated" State

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December 31, 2021

Hospitalizations for Covid-19 jumped 60% from a week ago in New Jersey, the most densely populated US state. The 3,604 patients numbered just 122 short of those a year ago, before vaccinations were widely available. The state reported 38 Covid-related deaths in hospitals over 24 hours.

New Delhi, 31 December 2021

As per news report of NDTV, While cases surged, to a single-day record of 27,975, some mayors enacted precautions beyond what Governor Phil Murphy has required statewide. Newark, the state's largest city, will require New Year's Eve revelers in public places to show vaccination proof, and on Jan. 11 will broaden the mandate to places including restaurants and concert venues. Hoboken, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, on Wednesday started requiring masks inside public buildings and businesses as some restaurants and bars were forced to close due to staff illness or exposure. Mayors in New Brunswick, Paterson and Montclair earlier announced masking rules.

Source - NDTV


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