Nepal Army chief arrives, his colleague flags India-China rift

Nepal Army chief arrives, his colleague flags India-China rift

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November 10, 2021

As Nepal Army chief General Prabhu Ram Sharma began a four-day visit to India Tuesday, its spokesperson said “Nepal is struggling against the headwind created by growing fissures in the India-China relationship, opening way for a realignment of the traditional strategic orientation” and “the bilateral relationship between Nepal and India is also going through a period of change”.

New Delhi, 10 November 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, Writing in The Kathmandu Post, Brigadier General Shantosh Ballave Poudyal said “this visit should not be viewed as a mere continuation of the symbolic tradition” between the two countries — the Chiefs are Honorary Generals of each other’s Army — but “should be seized upon as an opportunity for constructive engagement to create a conducive environment for addressing bilateral issues”. He said the “Nepali Army is treating the visit as a cornerstone of its military diplomacy; the same, however, cannot be said of the foreign service community that has been reluctant to adopt the term”.

Source - The Indian Express


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