Poonam Pandey, Model and Actor

Poonam Pandey, Model and Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Hum log basically content hum log baat karke we can sort it out wo kar sakte hain (We can basically discuss the content, we can sort it out, we can do that).”

More than her acting talent, Poonam Pandey is known for baring her skin be it in modeling or in films. In fact, she took to social media to promote herself as a sex symbol by posting her hot photos and videos. No wonder she has about 8.80 lakh followers on Twitter, more than 23 lakh on Facebook and 20 lakh on Instagram, which speaks volumes about her popularity as a celebrity. Cobrapost met the sultry siren in a Mumbai five star hotel.

Briefing her, we tell Poonam she will have to promote the BJP on all her social media accounts by talking good about the deeds of the BJP government at the centre, such as Beti Bachao Beti Parhao, Swach Bharat, Ujjwala, Namami Gange and so on. Then there were steps such as GST, demonetization and surgical strike on which the opposition tries to corner the BJP government. You have to praise such steps saying while GST and demonetization have helped check black money, surgical strike has enhanced the status of the country in the eyes of the international community. Giving her the example of Rahul Gandhi laughing away the surgical strike as jumla strike in the Parliament, we tell her she can criticize the Congress leader for his misdemeanor of belittling the sacrifices our soldiers make. We will, of course, provide the content on all such topics for you to play out on your social media accounts. Agreeing to the agenda, Poonam says, “Hum log basically content hum log baat karke we can sort it out wo kar sakte hain (We can basically discuss the content, we can sort it out, we can do that).” We fully agree with this arrangement.

Now, we tell her we will be using her social media accounts to promote the BJP in such a manner as your followers do not take it like you have become a BJP spokesperson. You know, it is basically a hidden agenda. Understanding it well, Poonam says, “Haan, wahi mera main concern tha maine jab Goldie se jab tak baat kee he cleared that part unhone mujhe bahut clearly ye bola ki silent most basically aapka naam kahin par obvious (Yes, that was my main concern. When I spoke to Goldie about it he cleared that part. He made it clear to me that it has to be done in a most silent manner basically. Your name will not become obvious).” You got it right, we say. Giving her example of Ujjwala Yojna we suggest she can appreciate the scheme while at the same time advise some corrections if warranted. Appreciating our suggestion, Poonam says, “Haan, haan wo thoda sa practical bhi ho jayega aur wo bahut obvious wo nahi lagega matlab wo waise ho jaaye toh wo zyada accha hai because then jo mere followers jo hain wo they would think that’s reality thing, this is me speaking (Yes, yes. That will be somewhat practical and will not look obvious. I mean, if it goes like that it is far better because then my followers they would think that’s reality, this is me speaking).” You see, it should not look like you are doing it at our behest for some gain, we say again. You have to keep it so natural that people take it as Poonam Pandey talking this on her own. Hope you understand it. “Perfectly,” assures Poonam. Tell us if you have any confusion in this regard, we again ask. She reassures us again, “Nahi, nahi, nahi ekdum perfect (No, no. I got it completely perfect).”

She further adds, “Aapne abhi jitni bhee baatein boli hain aapne already wahi cheej mention kee jo mere dimaag mein tha jo already aake poochhna tha Goldie cleared that part ki ye bahut obvious nahi hona chahiye jo main bhi nahi chahti ki because hum kabhi kuch post karte hain my team posts it should not, never looks like you know she is promoting something obvious, obvious toh main agar usko humare mutual conversation ke baare mein if I write something I also should agar ye aisa hota toh waisa bhi ho sakta tha toh bahut real lagegaIt has to look exactly, it has to look real (Whatever you have already told me so far, you have mentioned all what was going on in my head and which I wanted to ask you. Goldie has already cleared that part that it should not look obvious, which I also don’t want because whenever I or my team posts something, it should not, it never looks like you know she is promoting something obvious, obvious. So, if I write something after our mutual conversation, I also should say if it can be done this way it could also be done that way. That will look real … It has to look … exactly … it has to look real).” 

We will provide you the content on current hot topics, we tell her, which you will have to rewrite and seek our approval before rendering it on her social media accounts. “I get it,” Poonam says. So, it is clear how you have to deal with the content, we ask. “Absolutely,” replies Poonam. Coming to payment of her fee, which is yet to be decided, we tell her 80 percent of her fee will be paid in cash and the rest in white. Poonam has not any problem if the bulk of her fee is paid in cash, as she says, “Okay.” Only the white part of the deal will be mentioned in the contract which will show you as endorsing a product, we tell her further. “Okay, okay I get it,” says Poonam. Tell us if you have any issue with it, we ask. Says Poonam, “Absolutely not.”

When we ask the actor what her expectations are, she leaves the topic for her manager Goldie, who is present there, to negotiate. So, we turn to Goldie, who says, “We were mota-moti hum log soch rahe the about 50 lakhs (We were thinking of quoting a fee of about Rs. 50 lakhs).” In order to encourage the actor, we say we will pay her Rs. 3 lakh for each message. At this rate, she will be paid a fee of Rs. 45 lakh for 15 messages on all three social media platforms. “Theek hai final (Okay, final),” says a satisfied Goldie. Of this sum, she will receive 20 percent, that is, Rs. 9 lakh, in white through RTGS. This is what has been agreed between us. “Haan koi diqqat nahi (Yes, there is no problem),” Goldie assures us. The rest, that is, Rs. 36 lakh, you know, will be paid in cash, we say. “Wo cash mein koi issue nahi hai (There is no issue either with cash),” Goldie again assures us. Our interview with Poonam and her manager Goldie thus ends.

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