Rahul Bhat, Actor and TV Producer

Rahul Bhat, Actor and TV Producer

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Okay hoon … toh usmein mujhe kya milega kaise karenge (Okay humm … so what would I get in return and how would it be done).”

Beginning his career in acting with Bollywood flick Yeh Mohabaat Hai one and a half decades back, Ruhal Bhat has about eight movies such as Jai Gangajal and Ugly behind him as an actor. He has also worked in popular TV serials like Heena and has now graduated into a TV producer himself, producing serials like Tum Dena Saath Mera. He has about 12,000 followers on Twitter and about 5000 on Instagram. Cobrapost team met the Srinagar-born Bhat in his office at Laxmi Mall, Andheri West. Our proposition made him sit up and take notice. But here our team has a different story. Our PR agency is instead working for the Congress.

As we explain the nitty-gritty of the assignment, Rahul wants to know, “Okay hoon … toh usmein mujhe kya milega kaise karenge (Okay humm … so what would I get in return and how would it be done).” What is your expectation, we ask. “Nahi, I don’t know. You have to tell me na what is your,” Rahul asks us. You see your fee would depend on how many followers you have on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we tell him. But the going rate per tweet for celebrities is anything between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 2.50 lakh per message. You have to make four tweets a month and this will be an eight-month long exercise. We would provide the content which you would have to present in your own language so that it does not look like you are openly batting for the Congress. “Haan (Yes), naturally,” concurs Rahul, finally, while saying in between an “Okay” or “Theek hai (It is fine)” approvingly.

In this eight-month contract, running up to the next Lok Sabha elections, you would make 12 posts on all three social media accounts. These posts will be on the achievements of the UPA government and all those schemes, including Aadhaar, which the present NDA government is milking. You would be paid a fee of Rs. 30 lakh a month. “Okay,” returns Rahul. As the negotiations move forward, Rahul asks, “Toh isko kaise karna hai (So, how this has to be done).” We will provide you the content, we say. You have to convey the same in your own style to lend the message credibility. So, the content is clear to you. It is meant to promote the Congress. “Correct,” says Rahul nodding.

Sometimes, you will have to defend the Congress Party whenever it is cornered by its rivals. You have to help build its image, particularly that of Rahul Gandhi. The actor promptly agrees to do so. While discussing his fee again, we ask how him many followers he has. “Twitter pe koi 45 hazaar hain (About 45,000 followers on Twitter),” he rattles the figures. We are not impressed especially when we are paying him Rs. 30 lakh a month. So, we advise him to become more active on social media. People will start drawing their own conclusions if you all of a sudden go on an overdrive. Rahul promises to go all out. “Nahi wo toh main karoonga parson se mere paas time hee nahi hai social media par jaane ke liye but now that agar tum log aisa karoge and I will be making money out of it then I will go, I will go all out (No I shall start doing it from day after tomorrow … actually, I don’t have time to spend on social media. But now that you people are asking me to do so and I will be making money out of it, then I will go, I will go all out),” he says. The deal thus settled, we ask him in which mode he would like to receive his monthly fee of Rs. 30 lakh. “Yeh toh cash mein hee hona chahiye better hai (It should be paid in cash. It is better),” he promptly informs us. The deal thus struck, our interview is over.

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