Mamata Banerjee Calls For Opposition Meet Over Probe Agencies' "Misuse"

Mamata Banerjee Calls For Opposition Meet Over Probe Agencies' "Misuse"

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March 29, 2022

Mamata Banerjee has written to opposition leaders across the country expressing "deep concern" over what she alleges is central agencies misused by the ruling BJP to target rivals, and has called for a meeting to discuss a "way forward".

New Delhi, 29 March 2022

As per news report of NDTV, The Bengal Chief Minister said, in a letter dated Sunday, that the BJP government at the Centre used central agencies to target political opponents "just when elections are around the corner" anywhere in the country. "I urge that everyone of us come together for a meeting to deliberate on the way forward at a place as per everyone's convenience and suitability. The need of the hour is for all progressive forces in this country to come together and fight this oppressive force," she wrote, urging a "unified and principled opposition" to make way for a government "that our country deserves".

Source - NDTV


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