Foreign Covid Aid Pours In, But "Teething Problems" In Distribution

May 4, 2021

As the world responds to India's Covid SOS, questions have emerged over whether foreign aid, including a vast number of oxygen machines and life-saving drugs, is reaching its destination. Government officials admit to "teething problems" in distributing foreign aid. To tackle one of them - delays at customs - the gover | Read more|

Oxygen Concentrators Lying With Customs, High Court Demands Details

May 3, 2021

The Delhi High Court has asked the Centre to provide details of oxygen concentrators that are lying with the customs department pending clearance, by 3 pm today. Amid the terrible oxygen crisis in Delhi, triggered by the savage second wave of coronavirus, oxygen concentrators are hugely sought after medical equipment b | Read more|

"Don't Hoard Oxygen": Government To Embassies Amid Row Over SOS

May 2, 2021

Foreign missions should not hoard oxygen and other essential supplies, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Sunday, as at least two of them turned to the opposition Congress for help amid the unprecedented coronavirus crisis in India that has crippled its healthcare system. | Read more|

Delhi adds makeshift crematoriums as deaths climb

April 27, 2021

Makeshift pyres are being built in crematoriums in India's capital Delhi as the city runs out of space to cremate its dead. Deaths have been steadily rising in India as a deadly second wave of Covid infections devastates the country, with 380 recorded in Delhi alone on Monday. | Read more|

Supplying Oxygen To 800 Hospitals, Only Delhi Complaining: INOX In Court

April 26, 2021

Oxygen supplier INOX today told Delhi High Court that it is "supplying oxygen to 800 hospitals across the country and only the ones in Delhi" are complaining. This, Inox said, is happening when its supplies for Delhi have been cut down by the Centre and the majority of its production has been allocated to Uttar Pradesh | Read more|

"25 Sickest Patients Have Died": After Ganga Ram Hospital SOS, 2 Versions

April 23, 2021

Twenty-five "sickest patients" have died in the last 24 hours at Sir Ganga Ram hospital in Delhi, a statement from the hospital said this morning, revealing a worsening Covid crisis in the capital's hospitals. As per news report of NDTV, in an SOS at around 8 am, the hospital also said it had oxygen for only two more h | Read more|

Battle Over Oxygen As Haryana Alleges "Loot" By Delhi, UP Dials Centre

April 21, 2021

The supply of medical oxygen has become a bone of contention between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as the second wave Covid sweeps through the country, leaving the healthcare system in many states swamped. Officials in Uttar Pradesh have denied Delhi's accusation of blocking oxygen supplies, saying their hospitals are suffer | Read more|