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Hindustan Times, Just Another Destination for Paid News

Peddling Hindutva and running down politicians can be done with a smooth flow of funds | Read more| May 25, 2018 
Radio One: Modi's election campaign the largest we have ever done

As a client I kept the BJP campaign with myself , says Nagaraj | Read more| May 24, 2018 
India Today Group: 'I am very pro,' says CRO Rahul Shaw while brokering 275 crore deal

My only motive is, my only vision is, my only objective is that BJP has to come in power, says official | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Press Release: Operation 136: Part II

Cobrapost exposes more than two dozen media houses, including some prima donnas of India’s holy Fourth Estate, where they all show their underbelly in its most visceral form | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Case Study: Media on Sale

Is the Indian media really for sale and ready to peddle ideology for a few crores? | Read more| May 24, 2018 
ABN Andhra Jyothy: Sworn to secrecy about underhand paid news deal

"Last year, we supported your coalition in AP," says Chief Marketing Manager | Read more| May 24, 2018 
ABP News: There is a solution for every problem

Rates during election time are higher than normal rate, says official | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Bartaman Patrika: Straight and firm refusal to peddle paid news for cash

Ashish Mukherjee, Senior General Manager, says a crisp 'No' to our journalist | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Bharat Samachar TV News Channel: The way our country is being run is what is needed

The channel sends a proposal of three crores for a purported Hindutva campaign | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Big FM: "Anyway, Reliance is always a supporter of the BJP"

Why not centralise the whole campaign, officials advice | Read more| May 24, 2018 
Dainik Jagran: Fifty per cent in cash, but route it through some agency, says Manager

The Group proposed 2 crore and 8–9 lakh with taxes for a three-month saffron campaign | Read more| May 24, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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