Some Delhi hospitals seeing COVID re-emergence in recovered patients

Some Delhi hospitals seeing COVID re-emergence in recovered patients

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August 17, 2020

Some hospitals in the national capital have said they are are seeing recovered coronavirus patients returning to them with recurrence of the infection. Earlier this month, the Delhi government-run Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital saw two instances of patients with relapse of coronavirus, almost one-and-a-half months after they were cured of the infection. In both the instances of relapse, the patients had moderate symptoms.

New Delhi, 17 August 2020

As per news report of PTI, Aakash Healthcare in Dwarka had also reported a case where a cancer patient recovered from coronavirus and contracted the disease again after a couple of months. The second time proved fatal for the patient who succumbed to the virus. Last month, the case of a Delhi policeman having a relapse of the novel coronavirus had emerged which had left experts baffled. In the same month, a similar case had surfaced in the national capital after a nurse employed at a civic-run dedicated COVID-19 hospital had tested positive again after recovering from the contagious disease.

Source -PTI


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