Lockdown Will Stay In Red Zones Indicates PM

Lockdown Will Stay In Red Zones Indicates PM

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April 27, 2020

Coronavirus lockdown could continue beyond May 3 in parts of the country worst affected by the pandemic a.k.a hotspots or "red zones"indicates Prime Minister Narendra Modi today.

New Delhi, 27 April 2020

As per news report of NDTV, in a video meeting with Chief Ministers, PM Modi called for an exit plan from each state based on red, orange and green coding of districts according to the number of COVID-19 cases. But even as the districts with fewer cases reopened for business, the PM said, masks and "Do gaz doori would continue to be a way of life for times to come. Addressing worries that the extended lockdown would come at a great cost, the Prime Minister told the Chief Ministers: "There is no need to worry on the economy front, our economy is good."

Source -NDTV


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