Restrictive policies could have serious consequences, including job losses:  Digipub

Restrictive policies could have serious consequences, including job losses: Digipub

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November 17, 2020

As the Central Government issued an order on 11 November,2020, bringing digital or online Media, films and audio-visual programmes, news and current affairs content under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Digipub, an organisation of digital-only news publications, has issued the statement on these moves.

New Delhi, 17 November 2020

As per Digipub’s statement, despite being in its infancy, the digital news industry in India has done a remarkable job in keeping the nation informed on a variety of otherwise-hidden events and issues, thanks to many committed professionals, journalists and media entrepreneurs. A restrictive regulatory framework could seriously inhibit its capacity to grow and realise the dream of a digital India with news media companies competing with the best in the world.

The government’s policy interventions and prescriptions could seriously limit that potential rather than provide a conducive growth environment to Indian companies and the Indian digital sector. In addition, they would put Indian companies at a serious disadvantage to foreign news brands and disincentivise entrepreneurs from incorporating companies in India that could be a part of the India growth story, read the statement.

Digipub urge the government to undertake a detailed consultation with all stake holders, especially digital-only entities that will bear the strongest impact of these policies. Legacy media companies cannot accurately and completely reflect digital aspirations and concerns.

With regards to content, Digipub is working on guidelines for conduct and self-regulatory rules that we would be happy to discuss with all stakeholders. Digipub welcome suggestions on the guidelines. In the midst of a pandemic when economies, investments and jobs are faltering in India and around the world, such moves by the government are likely to do more harm than good. Restrictive policies could have serious consequences, including job losses.

The statement further says, “We urge the Minister for Information and Broadcasting to give us a hearing. We are confident that we can together create a framework that will be nurturing to the digital media economy as well as set high standards on journalism, while addressing other concerns. Hastily issued policies rules could prove disastrous to India’s right to stay informed”.

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