Rohit Sharma asserts, blames ‘decision-making’ for losses

Rohit Sharma asserts, blames ‘decision-making’ for losses

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November 4, 2021

Rohit Sharma’s press conference after India’s win against Afghanistan felt like an audition for the bigger responsibility that lies ahead.

New Delhi, 04 November2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, the authority in his voice was unmistakable. Sample this: “What they do for their franchise is really not my concern. What they do here at the moment is my concern, and we have laid out the role pretty clearly as to what they have to do when they go out in the middle,” Rohit said, when he was asked how some players play different roles for their IPL franchises and if they needed a little bit of extra time to ease into their Indian team roles.Then this, about what changed for India in the Afghanistan game compared to their first two matches. “I think the approach today from everyone was different, and I wish it was in the first two games, as well, but it didn’t happen. But that can happen when you are on the road for a long time. Decision-making sometimes can be a problem, and that is exactly what happened in the first two games,” Rohit was forthright.

Source - The Indian Express


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