Rs 2.5 crore looted from pvt bank

Rs 2.5 crore looted from pvt bank

Cobrapost |
June 5, 2016

Rs 2.5 crore looted from pvt bank

Imphal: A group of six armed robbers looted about Rs 2.5 crore in cash and gold jewellery from the Thoubal branch of a private bank this evening, police said.  The masked robbers overpowered the lone security guard of the bank at around 6.15 PM and entered the branch.

They put the money and jewellery in four bags but left one behind as they could not carry it. They also took mobile phones of the bank staff which included a woman, police said. The branch is located half-a-km from Thoubal police station and is close to the office of the Deputy Commissioner. Senior police officials visited the bank after the robbery.

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