Rs 900 for extra cabin bags: Jet Airways

Rs 900 for extra cabin bags: Jet Airways

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July 14, 2016

Rs 900 for extra cabin bags: Jet Airways

Domestic flyers, who don’t travel light will not be able to avoid paying excess check-in baggage charges by carrying more ‘free’ cabin bags. Jet Airways will charge Rs 900 from Friday for extra cabin bag for passengers flying from the six metros, according to a TNN report.

Flyers will be allowed to take one hand bag weighing up to seven or 10 kg, depending on whether they are flying economy or business or are Jet’s “privilege platinum and gold members”, a laptop bag, and a purse for women without any extra charge. Any other cabin bag will attract the levy of Rs 900 on Jet.

Since the issue of many passengers carrying multiple handbags is faced by all airlines, they may follow Jet’s model to charge for extra bags, noted Saurabh Sinha from TNN. Airlines have, over the years, reduced the ‘free’ check-in baggage limit for domestic flyers from 20 kg to 15. When AirAsia India started operations here two years ago, it wanted to charge for any check-in bags and was stopped from doing so by the DGCA.

Jet said the move was not meant to generate revenue but was supposed to act as a deterrent against carrying too many bags on aircraft as this causes several problems. “Some guests carry hand baggage over and above limit, resulting in lack of storage in the overhead compartments in the aircraft. This leads to boarding delays, causes inconvenience to other guests and affects the airline’s on-time performance. Jet Airways will, therefore, ensure adherence to the carriage of cabin baggage policy for the convenience of all guests,” a Jet spokesman said.

“Duty-free bags will be exempted from additional cabin baggage charge,” Jet said in a note to travel agents.

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