Breaking: Police complaint filed by RTI activist alleges attempts by Sahana Group to take forcible possession of Milansar Housing Society shops in Mumbai after Cobrapost expose

Breaking: Police complaint filed by RTI activist alleges attempts by Sahana Group to take forcible possession of Milansar Housing Society shops in Mumbai after Cobrapost expose

Mahesh C. Donia |
February 4, 2019

Men from the Sahana Group allegedly try to take forcible possession of five shops in Milansar SRA Housing Society in Andheri

New Delhi: According to a complaint filed on January 31with the Andheri (W) D.N. Nagar Police Station, some men from the Sahana Group and Darshan Developers allegedly tried to take forcible possession of five shops in Milansar SRA Housing Society complex in Andheri (West). This happened a day after Cobrapost exposed India’s biggest financial scam amounting to more than Rs. 31,000 crore pulled off by the primary promoters of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DHFL). The same day the Ministry of Corporate Affairs initiated inquiry into the DHFL scam and a preliminary spot check by the officials of the Registrar of Company, Mumbai, found there were no offices of the shell companies on the given addresses, vindicating what Cobrapost had discovered in the course of its investigation ( To recap, Cobrapost investigation had found dozens of shell companies, some of them belonging to the Sahana Group of Mumbai, which were disbursed huge sums of money in loan. The expose, titled “The Anatomy of India’s Biggest Financial Scam”, Cobrapost had reported that Azinova Constructions, Manpreet Developers, Tenacity Real Estate and Fulgent Real Estate have been disbursed Rs. 498.67 crore, Rs. 640.48 crore, Rs. 519.03 crore and Rs. 381.58 crore, respectively, by DHFL (, which comes to a total of Rs. 2039.76 crore. All these companies, as per the RoC records, are housed, respectively, in shops no. 1, 3, 5 and 2 of Milansar SRA Housing Society. Interestingly, shop no. 1 simply does not exist.

Filed by social worker and RTI activist Abdul Qadir Noorani, a resident of the Milansar Housing Society, the complaint alleges that the men of Sahana Group (Darshan Developer) “are trying to take forcible possession of these four shops” (Police complaint by Noorani, Annexure 1). Apprehending that these shops may be forcibly occupied by the companies involved in the scam to create relevant documents to prove they are working out of these offices, Noorani has requested the police to not let them do so and give the housing society members an opportunity to put their case before them. The society was redeveloped under slum rehabilitation scheme, as part of the Maharashtra government’s grandiose no-slum plan, in public-private partnership, by Safe Home Developer & Contractors. The provisions laid down by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) of Mumbai stipulate that no property thus developed can be transferred or sold to any third party until a period of 10 years.

According to Noorani, about 10 henchmen of Sahana Group, which has an office opposite the under-construction Milansar SRA project, came again that evening, equipped with hammers, to pry open the locks of the shops and forcibly occupy them. But the slum dwellers, for whom the project is being developed for the past one decade or so, thwarted their attempt. Noorani is one of the residents of the slum on which 1 acre land the project is coming up. The site supervisor of Safe Home Developers & Contractors, which is developing the project, rushed to the spot and informed his employer Shahid Khatri. In fact, there are five shell companies registered from the premises of the society, the fifth being Matolia Realtors Pvt. Ltd. registered at Shop no. 4 there. “The five companies reported to be working out of these shops do not exist here at all. This [project]building belongs to the poor, how can I allot them to any private limited company. These shops can be allotted only to those who exist in the list of the housing society members,” says a worried Khatri. The reason why he is worried is obvious: Sahana Group owners are very powerful people. According to well-placed sources, Darshan Developers had entered into a joint-venture with Safe Home Developers to fund the project against which the company would get a plot to develop in the project and sell the same to profit. However, the project is not yet complete.

Sahana Group office (arrow) opposite Milansar SRA Society.

The four shops at which  Azinova Constructions, Manpreet Developers, Tenacity Real Estate and Fulgent Real Estate are reported to be registered with the RoC. All shops have their shutters down while shop no. 1 is yet to come up.

Confronted by the society members and Khatri, the intruders backtracked that evening only to return again the next morning on 31 January. Shocked at their audacious attempts, Noorani filed a complaint with the D.N. Nagar Police Station, Andheri (W), that evening. However, a senior officer called Noorani to the police station at about 9 o’clock and detained him for five hours. “The police tried to frame me in a false case,” alleges Noorani. The police, in fact, were trying to frame other residents also who protested the forcible occupation of those shops, he further alleges. This was being done at the behest of the local BJP MLA Ameet Satam who is said to be close to the Sahana Group.

Cobrapost spoke to local BJP MLA Ameet Satam who denied to have anything to do with the Sahana Group. He instead maintained that he was trying to help the slum dwellers to get their rehabilitation projects completed within a time frame. When Cobrapost asked him if he was privy to what was happening there, Satam said, “Nahi mere paas koi vishesh ismein jaankaari hai nahi. Maine bhi jaisa aapne suna hai waisa maine bhi suna hai kuch Milansar Society ke vishay mein aur ye parson ka kuch vishay hai aur iske baare mein aapko aur adhik jaankaari aapko chahiye toh aap D.N. Nagar Police Station ke Sr. Police Inspector Parmeshwar Ganame se aap baat kijiye (No, I don’t any specific details on that. I heard only as much as you did something about Milansar Society and this happened the day before yesterday [31 January]. If you wish to have all the details on the matter, you can call D.N. Nagar Police Station Sr. Police Inspector Parmeshwar Ganame).” We had, in fact, called Ganame before speaking with the legislator but the police officer was busy then.

News item in a Urdu paper reporting Imran’s arrest under Arms Act.

But when we spoke to Ganame again, the police officer simply denied to have received any complaint. “Abhi tak aisa koi complaint aaya nahi hai (We have not received any such complaint at all),” says Ganame categorically. To the allegation of police trying to frame Noorani and others in a false case, Ganame said again, “Noorani ne humare paas aisa koi complaint nahi kee hai. Noorani ko doosre koi matter mein inquiry ke liye aaya tha (Noorani has not filed any complaint with us. Noorani was called for an inquiry in another matter). The police had on January 30 arrested Imran Khan under Arms Act after allegedly recovering a pistol and some bullets from him. A local Urdu newspaper also reported the arrest. According to Noorani, the man the police claimed to have arrested was a drug addict. “[Police]Officers were telling I had given contract (Supari) for eliminating BJP MLA Ameet Satam’s worker Vilas Gopal Rodkar to this Imran,” alleges Noorani.

Cobrapost tried to speak to Sudhakar Shetty to see if he could throw some light on the issue. Telling us he would call back after 15 minutes, the Sahana Group Chairman hung up. We called Shetty a couple of times later, but he did not bother to respond. The reason is obvious.


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