In PM’s Tokyo pep talk: Ice-cream for Sindhu and biopic on Vinesh

In PM’s Tokyo pep talk: Ice-cream for Sindhu and biopic on Vinesh

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July 14, 2021

These were some of the questions that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked India’s top athletes in a motivation and farewell session before they left for the Tokyo Olympic Games set to begin on July 23.

New Delhi, 14  July 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express,  In a conversation with P V Sindhu, who famously had to lay off ice-cream in the run-up to silver at the Rio Olympics, Modi wondered if there was a similar restriction this time. “Thoda control karti hoon (I do control a little),” the shuttler replied. Modi assured: “Work hard and I have faith that you will again be successful this time. And after you succeed, when I meet all of you, I will also have ice-cream with you.” He asked Vinesh Phogat if a biopic on the wrestler could be expected in the near future. And apart from dancing, he wanted to know from Manika Batra about the inspiration behind her Tricolour nail paint. The Delhi-based paddler replied: “It is to keep the Indian flag close to me. When I am serving I see my left hand and the Indian flag, which inspires me.”



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