Earthquake shakes Melbourne and southeast Australia

Earthquake shakes Melbourne and southeast Australia

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September 22, 2021

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has rattled southeast Australia, damaging buildings in the city of Melbourne.

New Delhi, 22 September2021

As per news report of BBC, the earthquake happened about 09:15 local time (23:15 GMT) on Wednesday at Mansfield, not far from the Victorian state capital.Prime Minister Scott Morrison said "we have had no reports of serious injuries and that is very good news".The earthquake was also felt in neighbouring South Australia and New South Wales (NSW).It was followed by two aftershocks of 4.0 and 3.1 magnitude.While this is one of Australia's largest earthquakes in recent years, it has not caused significant damage.Speaking from the US, Mr Morrison noted earthquakes were uncommon in Australia and they "can be a very, very disturbing event".

Source - BBC


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