Mla tests positive for coronavirus in Goa

Mla tests positive for coronavirus in Goa

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July 1, 2020

A BJP MLA from Goa has tested positive for coronavirus, a senior state health official said on Wednesday. The legislator was admitted to Margao-based ESI Hospital, a specially designated facility for COVID-19 patients, after his test came out positive on Tuesday, the official said."The MLA is asymptomatic. All those who came in contact with him will be tested," Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told reporters.

New Delhi, 01 July 2020

As per news report of PTI, Last month, a former state health minister tested positive for coronavirus and has been undergoing treatment at the ESI Hospital. Till Tuesday, Goa reported 1,315 COVID-19 cases and three deaths due to the disease, as per official data.

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