"Kids in cages": House hearing examines immigration detention as Democrats push for more information

"Kids in cages": House hearing examines immigration detention as Democrats push for more information

July 10, 2019

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Austin, told a migrant whose daughter died shortly after being in federal custody that "there are no words" for what happened to her child. But he also said Democrats' claims that kids are kept in cages is an attempt to "score political points."

A Guatemalan woman who alleges her daughter died of a viral lung infection after “neglect and mistreatment” in a U.S. immigration facility told a congressional panel Wednesday that she begged medical staff for help, only to watch the giggly child turn weak, feverish, thin.

“My baby grew sicker every day,” Yazmin Juárez, the mother of 19-month-old Mariee, said during an emotional hearing. “She was vomiting constantly. ... I saw her suffer in a way you can’t imagine.”

Juárez has said that Mariee died last year shortly after she was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody in Texas after authorities failed to properly diagnose her symptoms and allowed a treatable infection to become deadly. Juárez, who has filed a wrongful-death claim against the U.S. government, said she came forward to raise awareness about conditions in U.S. facilities, saying that “the world should know what happened to my Mariee.”

The afternoon hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties — “Kids in Cages: Inhumane Treatment at the Border” — reflected the incendiary tensions between Democrats and the White House over the influx of families and unaccompanied minors at the border. Among the witnesses were lawyers and advocates who described squalid, cramped conditions at U.S. border facilities. Their reports have stoked outrage among those who believe the Trump administration’s immigration policies have led to children lingering in holding cells that weren’t designed for long-term detention, in the care of border authorities who are ill equipped to care for minors.

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