The 21 Tory Rebels Sacked By Boris Johnson For Voting To Block A No-Deal Brexit

The 21 Tory Rebels Sacked By Boris Johnson For Voting To Block A No-Deal Brexit

Rachel Wearmouth |
September 4, 2019

Sir Nicholas Soames, Winston's Churchill's grandson, is among those who defied the PM.

Tory rebels who joined a cross-party alliance to block a no-deal Brexit have tonight been sacked by Boris Johnson. 

Downing Street has confirmed 21 MPs who helped opposition MPs inflict a bruising Commons defeat on the government on Tuesday night have had the Conservative whip removed. 

Winston Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames, was among the rebels, as were a number of Tory grandees, including Ken Clarke and Oliver Letwin. 

Philip Hammond, Greg Clark and Rory Stewart, who just weeks ago were ministers under Theresa May, are also among the group now unable to stand as a Tory candidate at the next election. 

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The chief whip is speaking with those Tory MPs who did not vote with the government this evening. They will have the whip removed.”

There had initially been a glimmer of hope for the rebels as Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom told the BBC they would “absolutely” have another chance. 

Adding to the confusion one rebel MP told HuffPost UK the chief whip suggested it could be restored if the rebels fall in line on votes on the anti-no deal bill on Wednesday. 

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