Trudeau stays in power but Liberals fall short of majority

Trudeau stays in power but Liberals fall short of majority

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September 21, 2021

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has narrowly won Canada's election, but it failed to secure a majority.

New Delhi, 21 September 2021

As per news report of BBC, this is Justin Trudeau's third federal election win, but his critics say the election was a waste of time. The Liberals are projected to win 156 seats, short of the 170 seats needed for the majority Mr Trudeau was seeking with his early election call. The Conservatives have held onto their main opposition status and are expected to win about 122 seats. "There are still votes to be counted but what we've seen tonight is millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan," Mr Trudeau told supporters in Montreal in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The election, which took place during a fourth pandemic wave in Canada, was the most expensive in the country's history, costing some C$600m ($470m; £344m).

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