‘Modiji, how afraid are you’: Congress hits out after Twitter locks official handle

‘Modiji, how afraid are you’: Congress hits out after Twitter locks official handle

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August 12, 2021

The Congress party, via a post on Instagram on Thursday morning, said their official Twitter handle has been locked by the microblogging site. According to the screenshot of the locked account shared in the post, the Congress’s Twitter account was locked because it “violated Twitter rules” regarding publishing or posting other people’s private information without their express authorisation and permission”.

New Delhi, 12 August 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, The party, while slamming such action, said, “Modiji, just how afraid are you? Reminder: The Congress party fought for our nation’s independence, equipped only with truth, non-violence & the will of the people. We won then, we’ll win again.” Congress social media department head Rohan Gupta said the party’s official Twitter account and around 5,000 accounts of its top leaders and workers have been blocked by Twitter. He alleged that Twitter is acting against Congress leaders under pressure from the government. “Twitter is clearly acting under government’s pressure, as it did not remove the same pictures shared by the Twitter accounts of National Commission for Scheduled Castes for a few days,” Gupta said.

Source -indianexpress.com


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