Two Bangladeshis killed during cattle smuggling in Coochbehar border

Two Bangladeshis killed during cattle smuggling in Coochbehar border

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November 12, 2021

Two Bangladeshis were shot dead at the Indo-Bangla border in West Bengal’s Coochbehar district in the early hours of Friday after they attacked a BSF patrol party that stopped them from smuggling cattle, a senior official of the force said.

New Delhi, 12 November 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, The district police claimed that three persons had died in the incident, including an Indian. A personnel of the border force was also injured and has been evacuated to a nearby hospital. The incident has triggered a political slugfest in the border district with the ruling TMC blaming the enhancement of BSF’s jurisdiction from 15 to 50 kms as a reason behind the incident. “The incident happened early this morning at around 2 am when a group of 60 miscreants assembled on both sides of the border to smuggle cattle. The miscreants tried to smuggle cattle by throwing improvised bamboo cantilevers on the barbed wires. When a BSF patrol party tried to stop them, they started pelting stones at the party and attacked them with iron rods and sticks,” BSF Additional Director General Y B Khurania said.

Source - The Indian Express

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