Two Polio Vaccine Guards Shot Dead In Pakistan

Two Polio Vaccine Guards Shot Dead In Pakistan

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August 17, 2022

Two policemen guarding a polio vaccination team have been shot dead by gunmen in north-west Pakistan.

New Delhi, 17 August 2022

As per news report of BBC, the team of two vaccinators was unharmed, police said. Local polio vaccination teams are often targeted by anti-vaccine militants, some of whom claim vaccination is a Western plot to sterilise Muslims. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where polio, which in severe cases can be fatal or leave patients paralysed, remains endemic. The two gunmen had been hiding near a small water channel before opening fire on the guards from a "very close range", local police said. "The gunmen spared the two-member polio vaccination team... and fled on a motorbike," senior officer Waqar Ahmad Khan told AFP.

Source - BBC


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