India coronavirus: Over-18s vaccination drive hit by shortages

India coronavirus: Over-18s vaccination drive hit by shortages

Newsdesk |
May 1, 2021

India has become the first country to report more than 400,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day, as its nationwide vaccine drive launches amid a supply crisis.

New Delhi, 01 May 2021                                                                           

As per news report of, some 3,523 deaths were officially recorded in the past 24 hours - but the real figure is thought to be far higher as many fatalities go unreported. As of today, all adults in India are eligible to be vaccinated. But several states say they do not have the doses to carry out the exercise. India had previously focused on vaccinating frontline workers and the over-45s. The country is facing acute shortages of medical oxygen and hospital beds, as a devastating second wave of coronavirus batters its health system.



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