UP village empties out as 12 die after fever; officials test for dengue, malaria

UP village empties out as 12 die after fever; officials test for dengue, malaria

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September 19, 2021

Silence envelops Kursauli village under Kalyanpur Block of Kanpur Nagar district on Saturday afternoon, with many houses locked. With panic spreading due to the death of at least 12 people in the last one month here due to a “mysterious fever”, many have left. On Saturday, another death was reported, of village head Amit Singh’s aunt Geeta, 40.

New Delhi, 19 September 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, Anil Kumar (40), who works at a private company in Kanpur city, says his children and wife are at his in-laws’ house, while he stayed behind to look after their buffalo. “If people did not have cattle and farms, the village would have been empty. There is not a single house which does not have cases of fever, and many have gone to houses of relatives. Some have even rented houses in nearby areas,” says Kumar. A list prepared by health officials shows the first death due to the “mysterious fever” to be of 14-year-old Tannu Prajapati, on August 20. Nine of the other 11 dead were young girls or women — Parwati (62), Julie (23), Sonali (19), Laxmi Prajapati (40), Laxmi Devi (45), Chama Tiwari (28), Urmila (35), Nirmala Tewari (65), Vaishnavi (11). The two men who died were Shiv Ram Prajapati (56) and Maan Singh (55). Geeta Singh’s death is still to be recorded.

Source - indianexpress.com


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