China could make show of force if Pelosi visits Taiwan – US

China could make show of force if Pelosi visits Taiwan – US

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August 2, 2022

The White House has warned China may respond to Nancy Pelosi's mooted visit to Taiwan with military provocations.

New Delhi, 02 August 2022                                                     

As per news report of BBC, this could include firing missiles near Taiwan, or large-scale air or naval activities, spokesman John Kirby said. Mrs Pelosi, the US House of Representatives Speaker, touched down in Malaysia on Tuesday on her tour of Asia. Taiwanese and US media says she plans to visit Taipei on Tuesday night, but there's been no official confirmation. However responding to reporter questions on Tuesday, Taiwan's premier Su Tseng-chang said the island "warmly welcomes" any foreign guests. He added Taiwan "would make the most appropriate arrangements" for any visitors.

Source - BBC


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