Putin, Xi reaffirm partnership in face of Western criticism

Putin, Xi reaffirm partnership in face of Western criticism

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December 16, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping praised their countries’ cooperation during a 90-minute video chat Wednesday. The two leaders agreed their nations should deepen cooperation and defend each other’s interests in the face of Western resistance.

New Delhi, 16 December 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, “At present, certain international forces, under the guise of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights,’ are interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia, and brutally trampling on international law and recognized norms of international relations,” said Xi according to state news agency Xinhua. Xi also expressed support for Moscow’s calls for security guarantees from NATO. The Western military alliance and a number of its member states have become very concerned about the build-up of Russian troops along the Ukraine border and issued grave warnings should Moscow dare to attack its neighbor. Putin has demanded guarantees that NATO will not expand further eastward, which Russia perceives as a direct threat to its sovereignty.

Source - The Indian Express


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