Akhilendra Mishra, Theatre, TV and Film Actor

Akhilendra Mishra, Theatre, TV and Film Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Lagbhag black kitna chah rahe hain, 10 percent, 15 percent hoga (How much you want to pay in black, 10–15 percent)?”

He became a household name for portraying Kroor Singh, a wicked and scheming Aiyyar in TV series Chandrakanta broadcast on Doordarshan way back in 1994–96. Akhilendra Mishra has since worked in over 50 TV serials and Bollywood movies, assaying many memorable roles such as the one of the freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad in The Legend of Bhagat Singh. He received a critic award for Billu Ustaad at Jharkhand International Film Festival held in May this year at the state capital. We met the actor at Chai Coffie at Versova Beach.

From the outset, the actor looked keen to work on our agenda. As we tell him he would have to promote the BJP by appreciating all the good work that its government at the centre has done in the past four years, Mishra opines, “Nahi, wo uplabdhiyan kya-kya hain wo dekhni padengi (No, I will have take a look at what are its achievements).” No worries, we assure him. We would provide you all information with facts and figures. Mishra in turn gives us an idea of his leanings saying, “Nahi, dekhiye kya hai main aapko bataata hoon maine kisi party ko join nahi kiya hai lekin BJP se mera aise bhi soft corner hai kyonki maine Narendra Modi ka role kiya hua hai film mein 2007 mein jab election thei aur uske baad unhone election jeeta tha. Film ka naam hai Gujarat No Nath (No, you see I have not joined any political party, but I have a soft corner for the BJP, because I played Narendra Modi in a film in 2007. After that he won the elections. The title of the film was Gujarat No Nath).”

Quick to understand the finer points of the assignment, ideas begin to float in his creative mind. “Usmein kisi ka naam lene kee zaroorat nahi hai. Dekhiye kya hoga aapka kaam bhi ho jaye lathi bhi na toote samajh gaye … matlab bhaat bhi khaiye jaat bhi na ganwaiye humare yahan ek kahawat hai. Naam lene kee zaroorat nahi hai usmein aisa toh nahi ki 19 mein runway ban raha hai baat nahi samajh rahe hain aap? 19 BJP 2019 ka flight ka take off ka ranway ban raha hai flight number daal do BJP 2019, toh kehne ka matlab ye hai ki flight number daal dijiye toh unko pata hee nahi yaar koi tweet kiya kyon kiski taraf kiya ya kya kiya kya dimaag mein ayaa. Toh waisa hee ho (There is no need to name anyone therein. This way your purpose would be served without any problems … I mean there is a saying, ‘you don’t have to lose your caste when you take a rice repast.’ So, there is no need to drop names. ‘There is this runway being built in 2019.’ I see you don’t get it. ‘There the runway for BJP 2019 flight take-off is being built, just put in flight number BJP 2019.’ I mean, this is how you can do it, put in the flight number. This way nobody will understand who made this kind of tweet in whose favour. It should done only like that),” he suggests. In the next breath, the actor says, “Dekhiye kya hai aap jo chahte hain uss mudde par toh humne kabhi socha hee nahi iss mudde par bahut kuch ho sakta hai baat samajhiye iss mudde pe itna kuch ho sakta hai ho sakta hai ki main hee aapko idea doon (You see, I have never thought on the issue [you have discussed with me]. We can do much more on this issue. Try to understand, we can do much more on this issue so that even I can give you ideas).” We will certainly welcome that, we say.

As the actor is more than willing to come on board, we now move on to discussing his fee. Demanding Rs. 50 lakh a month, Mishra explains why he should get this much fee. “Yaar main toh soch ke kuchh aur aaya tha. Paise kee baat hui thi. Main soch raha tha ki aap log kum se kum 50 lakh rupaye mahina doge. Baat samajh rahe hain usmein kya hai main aapko bataoon ismein do hee cheejein hain. Ek toh hai main seedha logon kee nazaron mein aaooonga seedhe seedhe film industry kee nazar mein (Friends, I was thinking something else. After all it is all about money. The money part was discussed. I was thinking you should pay me at least Rs. 50 lakh a month. Hope you understand it. The problem is two things will happen. First, people will come to know about it … yes the entire film industry will come to know),” says Mishra. Telling us he has worked with all bigwigs of the Tinsel Town, the actor suggests that the film industry is divided along party lines. Some are overtly in support of the BJP, while others sympathise with the Congress Party. Is that so, we ask. “Haan, abhi tak pata nahi hai Akhilendra Mishra kis taraf hai samajh rahe hain na aap main aapko baat khul ke bataa raha hoon (Yes. But nobody knows on whose side Akhilendra Mishra is. Hope you understand. That is why I am telling you it openly),” says Mishra.

Mishra also knows that he would not get the entire fee in white. So, he asks to know, “Lagbhag black kitna chah rahe hain, 10 percent, 15 percent hoga (How much you want to pay in black, 10–15 percent)?” We tell him we would pay only about 30–40 percent in white. With this agreement concludes our interview.

A few weeks after the interview, the actor sent us a message seeking to know the status of the project. We are reproducing the message here which shows the actor sharing with us a YouTube link supposedly his tribute to the late Atal Behari Vajpayee.

Obviously, the actor is eager to work for us.

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