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Hindi Khabar

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March 26, 2018

Hindi Khabar is hardly a year old 24  7 TV news channel, primarily catering to Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bundelkhand. Editor Atul Agrawwal is an old media hand and knows rules of his trade. But when Pushp Sharma met him at his Noida office, Aggarwal came across a pro-Hindu whose aim is to serve the cause of his faith.

Hindi Khabar is hardly a year old 24 ´ 7 TV news channel, primarily catering to Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bundelkhand. Editor Atul Agrawwal is an old media hand and knows rules of his trade. But when Pushp Sharma met him at his Noida office, Aggarwal came across a pro-Hindu whose aim is to serve the cause of his faith. As Sharma begins to brief Aggarwal on his agenda, Aggarwal reveals his loyalties: “Jab main IBN7 mein tha wahan par poora leftist aur Congressi manasikta ke log the … Toh wahan par aap bhagwa ke paksh mein kuchh bolte the anchoring nahi milti thi. Aapko lagta tha yaar pehle jivika chala lo man kee baad mein chala lenge … isliye jab apna channel apna hua toh laga beta ab toh wahi karenge jo mann karega. Wahi karenge toh wahi kar rahe hain (When I was working with IBN7, there were people mostly with leftist and Congress leanings. So, if you spoke in support of the Bhagwa [Safforn ideology], they will not allow you to do anchoring. I used to say to myself, you have to earn your bread first and you can do things of your liking later … so when I started my own channel, I do what I like to do. I am doing exactly that).”

Finding him on the same page, Sharma discusses the mode of payment for the campaign that Aggarwal will run for him on his channel and finds him agreeable to the suggestion of paying them in cash at a ratio of 60:40. That agreed, Sharma now tells him how first three months the campaign will focus on soft Hindutva, propagating the preaching of Lord Krishna through both the electronic and the digital media. An essential part of the campaign will be live coverage of visits and speeches of firebrand leaders like Mohan Bhagwat. Claiming that his channel has 29 million views on their portal, apart from Facebook and Twitter followers, Aggarwal agrees: “Bilkul live chalega humare yahan … humko proper information mil jaye uska source mil jaye wo sab live hoga (Sure, we will broadcast live … [provided] we get proper information and source [of the programme] we will cover it live).”

The next item on his agenda is bashing of rivals like BSP, SP and Congress. Sharma assures Aggarwal if there is any problem while his channel airs such content, his Sangathan will support him. Aggarwal says in turn: “Theek hai Sir (It is fine Sir) … Done sir done.”

In order to ascertain if the Hindi Khabar channel CEO was equally keen to do any dirty job that may be assigned to him, Sharma called him over phone a month later. While telling when and how the promised money will be delivered to him for the purported media campaign, Sharma straightaway asks him to shun leaders like Maneka Gandhi, Manoj Sinha and Jayant Sinha. Just keep them off the news. Aggarwal agrees: “Main samajh gaya (I got it).” Maneka wants her son to become CM. But our A Team is Yogi. So, promote only Yogi. “Main samajh gaya Maharaj ji main samajh gaya (I got it Maharaj, I got it),” says Aggarwal. You will have to cut these leaders down to size at your levl or you can downplay them. Aggarwal is prompt to show his eagerness: “Aaj se hee shuru kar dete hain abhiyan (Let us start the campaign from today itself).” You can do it against Maneka Gandhi very well as I would her son Varun Gandhi’s sex CD. Aggarwal is ready to launch the onslaught: “Bilkul main samajh gaya iski CD aap mujhe dilwa dijiye Acharya ji thok daalenge inko bhi (Sure, I got it. Acharya ji get me his CD. We will sure fix them).” Actually all these leaders are trying to blackmail the party. Sharma tells Aggarwal why they need to be fixed. “Ji in logon ko aaj se girana shuru Acharya ji. Main aapko link bhejta jaoonga gira gira ke inko (Acharya ji, I am starting to run down these people from today itself. I will send you the link after I run them down one by one),” Aggarwal commits himself.

A few days later, Pushp Sharma called up Aggarwal again to discuss his nasty demands. Giving example of the long march that the Maharashtra farmers took to Mumbai recently, the journalist told him to link the farmes with the Maoists. Aggarwal says: “Ji main samajh gaya aapki baat (Yes, I got what you say).” As I told you the other day, the journalist reminds him, Maneka Gandhi has CM ambitions for his son. Then there are our alliance partners and leaders like Manoj Sinha. So, their character assassination should be done unabated. Aggarwal informs us that he has already made a beginning. Hear him what he says in this regard: “Dekhiye abhi aapko ek link bheja hai usmein humne chhapwaya hai ki Yogi ke saat dushman Yogi haare nahi Yogi ko harwaya gaya hai ye humari line thi … maine aapko bheja hai abhi aapko WhatsApp kiya hai … aur usmein likha hai ghar ke jaichandon se saavdhaan Yogi ji (You see, I have sent you link [of news item] a short while ago. I have published it therein that Yogi has seven enemies but Yogi was never defeated. Yogi has been made to lose. So, this was our line … I have sent you the same on WhatsApp a short while ago … and written there is ‘Be aware of Jai Chands [traitors] at home’).” Appreciating his proactive approach with regard to his agenda, Sharma next tells him news portal like Cobrapost, The Wire and Scroll have become a headache. So, it was time they too were fixed. Bluffing that Aniruddh Bahal has already met him for a merger with his channel, Aggarwal makes another promise: “Ji Guru ji poora hee khatma kar denge jo unki 26–27 logon kee team hai Cobrapost kee wo apan ek saath todne kee sthiti mein hain sab humare touch mein hain (Yes Guruji. We will finish him completely. We are in a position to break his 26–27-member team with one stroke. All members are in our touch).” Aggarwal also agrees to run down any minister in the state government if wished by his supereme leader: “Ji Guru ji koi diqqat nahi hai (Yes Guruji. There is no problem).”

After directing him to give Aadhar a favourable coverage all the time and reminding him that farmers have to be branded as Maoists, Sharma tells him that he will be sending him the Varun Gandhi sex CD, obviously to run it on his channel, along with a cheque through one of his trusted collegues. Aggarwal is unable to hide his glee as he has smelled the heady scent of big money that is on his way: “Ji. Maza aa jayega, Guruji maza aa jayega thok dalenge … ko (Yes. It will be great fun. It will be great fun Guruji. We will fix …).”

This is how the conversation comes to end enlightening us on the repulsive character that Indian media has come to botan and internalize in all its avatars in recent times. To see reactions of concerned person click here

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