Rohit Roy, TV and Film Actor

Rohit Roy, TV and Film Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Mere toh sub followers ko pata hai ki main bina wajeh paid tweet bhi nahi karta hoon (All my followers also know it well that I never make even paid tweets without reason).”

As an actor, Rohit Roy made his mark in Mahesh Bhat directed TV series Swabhimaan in 1995 which ran on Doordarshan for two years. In a career spanning more than two decades, the model-turned actor has acted in over two and a half dozen TV soaps and about half a dozen Bollywood movies, Shootout At Lokhandwala being the most notable one. Roy is popular on social media, with 1.17 lakh followers on Twitter, about 1.65 lakh on Instagram and more than 11,000 on Facebook. We met Rohit at a Goregaon studio while he was shooting for an ad campaign.

As the actor has already been briefed, we get straight into talking business with him. Saying that the Congress Party has given our PR agency the responsibility of refurbishing its image, we ask Rohit if he could help us by appreciating on social media the good work done by the Congress government in the past, including various schemes launched by it. Rohit is prompt to ask, “Ye sab aap humko material denge … content (You will provide me all the required material … content).” Yes we would, we tell him. You just have to tweet it in your own words. “Theek hai … usko personalize karke tweet karna matlab hai nahi lage ki (All right … I will have to personalize and tweet the same so that it doesn’t look …),” he is bang on. Appreciating, we tell him this way nobody would be able to associate him with us. “Aisa lagna chahiye ki Rohit Roy appreciate kar raha hai ki in logon ne itna kuchh kiya hai personal maanana hai … correct waise hee hona chahiye (It should look like Rohit Roy is appreciating it. It is his personal opinion that they have done some good work … correct, it should be done this way only),” he adds. You see the Congress government had launched many schemes and projects such as the Aadhaar and Delhi Metro, but the present government has forgotten all these appreciable works to project itself as the only harbinger of development in India. It has created a negative perception among the electorate that the Congress has done nothing in the past.

Referring to the Mars Mission Orbiter which was sent in space in 2013 by ISRO when the Congress government was in power at the Centre, Rohit opines, “Mars pe wo kya tha … Mars mein jab gaya tha orbiter wo toh kab se shuru hua tha tab jaake aisa thode hai ki (The orbiter for Mars … the mission started many years ago before it fructified. It is not so simple).” We can’t agree more. “Toh material abhi aap humko denge … kab se chaloo karna hai ye (So you will give me the material and when would I start),” he is curious to know. From the month of August, we tell him. You know the opposition always projects Rahul Gandhi as Pappu, thus denigrating him. You have to defend Rahul Gandhi. You can tweet saying should those who oppose Rahul Gandhi call him Pappu, should they use such language, we suggest. Refusing to criticize anybody, he agrees to defend Rahul Gandhi and makes it clear why he would not criticize anybody. “Kyonki main actor hoon na toh gadabd ho jaayegi fir (Since I am an actor it may create problem [if I do so]).” We appreciate his candid confession of limits as an actor.      

Coming to his fee, when we tell him we will pay Rs. 2 lakh per message the actor had quoted initially, Rohit wants more. “Aap toh bol rahe the usmein zyada ka (You were telling there is provision for more),” he complains. You will get more than that, we assure him. “Toh kitne karoonga wo mere oopar hai ki aap mujhe batayenge (So, how many [posts or tweets] should I make will depend on me or you will tell me),” he asks. He would be provided content for four-five posts every month on each platform, we tell him. He would have to repackage the same on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Rohit is quick to calculate how much he is supposed to perform every month. “Nahi toh fir wo paanch agar karne hain toh paanch Facebook, paanch Tweet aur paanch Instagram … (If I am supposed to do five, then I have to make five posts on Facebook, five tweets and five posts on Instagram)?” he says. So, he would be paid a tidy some of Rs. 30 lakh for 15 messages a month, we finally tell him. Agreeing, Rohit asks, “Aur duration kya hai iska kitne time tak karna hai (And what is its duration and up to what time period it has to be done)?”

You will be hired on an eight-month contract, we tell him. When we hope his support on social media will be productive as he has genuine followers, Rohit reveals, “Mere toh sub followers ko pata hai ki main bina wajeh paid tweet bhi nahi karta hoon (All my followers also know it well that I never make even paid tweets without reason).” Curious to know how the deal would move on and how he would be paid, Rohit adds, “Theek hai done … that’s you mail me and I will take it forward … kaise kya karoge ye abhi dekhna padega kyonki ye sab toh parhai likhai hogi nahi iski (All right done … that’s you mail me and I will take it forward … you will have to see how you do it because you cannot put it in black and white).” We tell him he would be paid 90 percent in cash and the rest by cheque. Rohit has no problem with the deal as he says, “Correct.” Then he asks, “Usko kya likhenge (What will you mention in the contract).” We will show you as promoting some product, we tell him. “Accha (Okay),” says Rohit, satisfied.

After this interview, we received many messages from the actor asking us when to start. In one such message, he tells his brother Ronit Roy is also on board. “Ronit is on,” he says in this message sent on July 25. Three days later, he informs us, “I have started my first tweet. 1st August full steam. So either send payments or let’s forget it.” 

However, we couldn’t find any tweet made by him. Maybe he was just testing us.

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