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Samachar Plus

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March 26, 2018

Mukesh Bagiyal, Manager Sales (Dehradun); Amit Tyagi, Sr. Sales Head, Samachar Plus, Noida

In a very short period of time after it was launched in mid-2012, Samachar Plus has earned itself the sobriquet of the No. 1 regional news channel across Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. With a catchy tag line Khabar wahi jo humne kahi (What we tell is news), Samachar Plus is owned and run by Umesh Kumar, a property developer-turned-journalist, who came to limelight after he did a sting on the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat in 2016, few months before the state was due for assembly elections. Umesh Kumar also runs News Network of India (NNI), a news agency.

Pushp Sharma met Mukesh Bagiyal and briefed him on how the soft Hindutva will give way to a forceful and aggressive campaign to benefit the BJP in 2019, Mukesh is promises galore: “Ismein Sir humara media poora support karega aapko jab bhi aapko zaroorat hogi (Sir, our media house will support you fully whenever you need).” But you will have to involve your seniors before this deal is finalized? Sure, Mukesh replies: “Nahi nahi wo sab rahega. yahan par main poora Uttarakhand dekhta hoon … iske alawa mere head hain wahan par Noida mein marketing head Mr. Amit Tyagi to unke aur mere beech mein baat rahegi then humare sabse jo sir baithte hain toh sir ke paas toh khuc itna time nahi hota (No, no … it will be arranged … I look after Uttarakhand … then we have our market head Mr. Amit Tyagi who works out of Noida. I shall discuss it with him … then there is our [owner] but [he] Sir does not have time [for such things]).”

It was logical for Sharma to meet his boss Amit Tyagi, Sr. Sales Head, who he finds to be a believer of Hindutva. He has already received those jingles via e-mail. Therefore, we can say he is well conversant with his agenda. Sharma tells him if an attack is launched using this caricature Pappu, it will have served the purpose of character assassination and it will help keep the funny image of the leader. Endorses Tyagi: “Bilkul … sahi baat hai (Right … It is true).” Next, Sharma tells Tyagi that his channel will have to support government policies on Kashmir and the agenda of nationalism, as part of the deal. We have a thumping Aye from Tyagi as he says: “Haan bilkul hoga usmein toh koi issue nahi hai. Wo toh aap jaise jo bhi aap ka kuch event wagaireh hua hai ya jo bhi kuch hota hai toh usko hum thoda humesha cover karenge (Yes, sure it will be done. There is no issue. Whenever you organize any event or programme we will sure cover that).”

That agreed, Sharma now comes to the budget and mode of payment. He tells Tyagi to keep the campaign budget some lakhs below Rs. 2 crore for six months. Eager to grab the deal, Tyagi wants to know how the payment will be made. Hear him out what he is saying: “Theek hai toh main aapka kara deta hoon aur e-mail bhi kar deta hoon six months ka ismein kaise payment kaise rahega (Alright, let me get it [the proposal ready] for six months and I will mail it to you. How will you make the payment).” The journalist tells him it will be in the cash ratio of 40:60. All regional channels are going with us in this ratio, he informs Tyagi. Seeking a solid deal first, Taygi says: “Nahi usmein kya hai ki humare saath ek cheej hai jo deal hogi wo iss tareeqe se hogi for main aapko 100 percent doonga (No, there is one thing with us. First let us finalize the deal. Then I will give you 100 percent).” Agreeing to it, Sharma suggests that it was always better to keep the cash part of the deal under wrap. There has to be an understanding on it between them. Tyagi is in complete agreement to the proposition: “Haan wo understanding mein hee rahega … main usse paper pe black and white nahi karoonga (Yes, that will remain in the realm of our understanding … I will not bring it on paper in black and white).”

The journalist tells him that it will be better if they accept 60 percent payment in cash, and they just need to tell him and he will deliver the cash to them. Tyagi has no problem with it either but before going to finalize the deal he says he will discuss the issue with his senior colleagues Shashank and Umesh: “Ek baar check bhi karna padega usko check kara ke main baat karta hoon ki wo 60:40 pe agree hain 50:50 pe agree hain wo ek baar mujhe check karna padega Shashank ji se aur Umesh ji se (Let me check it with my colleagues Shashank and Umesh and see if they agree on 60:40 or on 50:50).” Never mind, Sharma tells him, just keep him posted about it. As the meeting with Tyagi ends, the CEO says: “Main ek kaam karta hoon main aapko ek deal bana ke bhejta hoon (Let me make the deal [sic] and send the same to you).” But the journalist advises him not to send the proposal through e-mail as he does not want to leave any trail.

Given the eagerness of both the CEO and his deputy to accept the dirty proposition, it is clear they follow their tagline Khabar wahi jo humne kahi in letter and spirit! To see reactions of concerned person click here

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