Shreyas Talpade, Film Actor and Director

Shreyas Talpade, Film Actor and Director

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Toh humein kyon 30 de rahe ho yaar humein bhi thoda better do (So why are you giving me Rs. 30 lakh, friend. Give me some more better remuneration).”

The Mumbai-born actor began his career in 1997 with TV series Woh aired by Zee and the character Tejas he played in the soap became an instant hit with Marathi-speaking audiences. Shreyas arrived in Bollywood with his debut Iqbal, directed by Nagesh Kukoonar, in 2005. In the past two decades or so, he has acted in scores of notable Hindi and Marathi films, while he wore the director’s hat for Poster Boys in 2017, a Hindi remake of Marathi film of the same name, starring the Deol brothers, Sunny and Bobby.

He has more than 2 lakh followers on Twitter and 1.16 lakh on Instagram, while about 56000 people follow him on Facebook. We met Shreyas in Greater Noida on the sidelines of a movie shoot. Here, we tell him our PR agency has been tasked to promote AAP in the run-up to 2019 elections. What he can do is appreciate the kind of work the AAP government in Delhi has done. You can just draw a comparison between what you see in Mumbai and Delhi. When it comes to inflation, you can compare the electricity bills residents of both megapolises pay to send your message. You have to do all this in a different way. Understanding it well, Shreyas says promptly, “Indirect way mein (In an indirect way).” You don’t have to fire on all your cylinders at once. It may otherwise create a negative perception about you. You have to make three–four tweets a month. Here, Shreyas tells us that whatever he does on social media does independently and has never been associated with any party. You see, you don’t have to associate with the AAP. You can simply praise the good work done by its government in Delhi. Agreeing to do what we have suggested, Shreyas asks, “Haan aur ye aapko kitne duration mein tweet lenge (Yes, and what will be the duration of these tweets).” We will provide you content on some three–four current issues every month and you will tweet accordingly, we tell him again. “Main toh keh raha tha in fact do se teen toh hee hone chahiye (What I suggest is, in fact, there should be two to three tweets only),” he opines. We fully agree with the actor.

He can visit a Delhi government school and then write about it with a photograph to make it more authentic, we tell him. Shreyas agrees to the idea. “Haan waise agar kuchh ho toh zyada matlab sense bhi banta hai ki main gaya haan maine dekha aur fir uske baare mein koi khuleaam bol raha hoon (Yes, it makes more sense that I personally visited and observed it and then I am talking about it openly),” he says. But it has to be done without naming the party. We offer him Rs. 1 lakh per message. Poring over the offer for a moment, Shreyas says, “Accha give me some time to think.” We will provide you the content every month, we say, which you can post on all three platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in your own words. This way you will be paid Rs. 3 lakh per message. When we ask him what mode of payment he would be comfortable with, Shreyas replies, “Cash.” We tell him that he would be paid in advance the contract money and only then he would have to start promoting AAP on his social media pages. He then asks, “Kitne mahine ka karna chahte ho (How many months you want me to work)?” he asks. For eight months only, we tell him. But we can extend the contract provided we see results. 

But Shreyas is not happy with the remuneration we offer him. When we ask him how much he expects from us, he demands, “I was thinking of around 3 lakhs per tweet.” Negotiation hard with him we offer him Rs 6 lakh per content, Rs. 3 lakh for Twitter and Rs. 1.5 lakh each for Facebook and Instagram. This way you would be able to rake in Rs. 30 lakh a month, we say. Shreyas returns with a crisp “Okay.” The actor then asks, “You expect around five tweets in a month?” Yes, this is maximum number of messages, we tell him. We tell him that out of this sum he would get Rs. 27 lakh in cash and the rest in cheque. Tell us if you have any issue with cash, we ask him. “Nahi cash mein koi issue nahi hai (No, there is no issue with cash).” He even wonders if cash could be delivered in Mumbai itself when we ask him how he would like cash to be delivered to him. It can be delivered to his man or at his residence. There is no issue with it, we assure him. “Nahi waisa kuch nahi hai. Mere bande ko Mumbai mein agar kara sakte hain aap toh theek hai (There is nothing like that. See if you can deliver it to my man in Mumbai, then it will be fine),” he says. We promptly agree to do the needful. Out of the slip of tongue one of our reporters tells him that a big name in the industry is demanding Rs. 2.5 crore a month for the job. Shreyas seeks more money saying, “Toh humein kyon 30 de rahe ho yaar humein bhi thoda better do (So why are you giving me Rs. 30 lakh, friend. Give me some more better remuneration).”

After the remuneration and mode of payment is finalized, we ask him if he has any confusion with regard to the assignment. No, he has no confusion at all. “Nahi thing is jahan aisa lagega main comfortable nahi hoon main aapko bol doonga (No. There is one thing. When I don’t feel comfortable I will tell you),” he informs us. With this broader agreement, our interaction with the actor ends.

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