Sunny Leonne, Model and Bollywood Actor

Sunny Leonne, Model and Bollywood Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“Modi Sir ne Daniel ko overseas citizen banaya toh hum zaroor support karenge (We will definitely support provided Modi Sir [the BJP government] grant Daniel overseas citizen status).”

Before making Mumbai her home, Sunny Leonne was a porn star. Born Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sikh parents in Canada, Leonne worked as a red carpet reporter for the MTV Video Music Awards on MTV India in 2005. In 2011, she participated in Bigg Boss, which was followed by her hosting the Indian reality show Splitsvilla. Her big Bollywood break came a year later with Jism 2. The most googled celebrity in India, Leonne has a fan following which pales even the best and most famous of Bollywood celebrities. She has more than 39 lakh followers on Twitter, while about 23.48 lakh follow her on Facebook. Her Instagram account throws up a staggering stat with about 1.80 crore people following her.

When we met Leonne in her Mumbai office, present there were her husband Daniel Weber and her manager Sunny, her namesake. They all knew the purpose of our visit, as the manager had already been briefed by us over phone before this brief meeting took place.

Logically, we come straight to talking business. In fact, we had already given their manager a list of topics to be covered. It is Daniel who leads the parleys. When we say it is a hidden agenda and it has to be kept a secret, Daniel says, “Yeah … it is influencing that I know… that’s fine … you can have an opinion. It’s okay.” It is obvious that Daniel knows the proposition is about influencing the public opinion in favour of the BJP.

We tell him we would provide five contents every month which his wife would have to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in her own words, in all 15 messages. What is you expectation, we ask. At this point, Daniel tells us he does not want anything controversial. “Let me ask you something … [turning to his manager] … the list came … the list stuff … Okay, okay, in this list if there is … there might be one or two things they are just too controversial offer. So on this list only one it’s little too controversial … it is surgical strike. It will be little strange for Sunny to be talking about… other one is okay… electricity this then is good,” he says. Understanding their dilemma, we assure him that his wife can write only on those topics which she finds comfortable. We also don’t want anything controversial. “Yeah, because people will also think, okay that’s weird … doesn’t make sense why she is saying it,” Daniel again raises concern. Well, we say, she can take up women-centric schemes such as Ujjwala Yojna for her messages. But his only concern is the stuff that should make sense, as he says again, “Okay … good. It can be this, it can be regarding, you know… which is good ….”

When it comes to discuss the money part of the deal, Daniel asks his manager to take charge, saying, “On commercials, you guys discuss.” His manager says, “Commercial I told … ji … Usually we take 15 lakh for all three platforms… not 5 lakh … [this is] we do [charge] for a consolidated post… I told … 15 lakhs we usually charge for that.” We got what he told us and promptly approved the fee. Accordingly, we would pay you Rs. 75 lakh every month, we tell him. How much they would be comfortable in cash, we ask. “The more the better,” says Daniel. We tell them we would pay them at least 10 percent of her fee by cheque or RTGS and a contract will be executed between the parties. 

After swearing them to secrecy, we turn to Leonne. It was pleasant watching Leonne speak Hindi. Hope you know we are here for the BJP with regard to the coming 2019 elections. “Haan Daniel ne bataya tha (Yes, Daniel had told me),” says Leonne. You also know it is a political party. “Haan ji haan ji (Yes, yes),” replies Leonne in affirmative.

It is obvious for us that Leonne knows who we are and why we are there. As you know, you simply have to post messages on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts praising the good works done by the BJP government, we tell her, without naming the party or any leader. You can write on Beti Bachao Beti Parhao campaign, for instance, girls’ safety and other women-centric issues. Talking of their own girl child they have adopted, Leonne says, “Obviously hum wo cheej se maante hain kyonki humari beti hai (Obviously, we also appreciate that because we have a daughter).” Giving her an idea how to do it, we suggest she can say her maid is the beneficiary of the Ujjwala Yojna. “Okay that is nice,” she says approvingly. We tell her that we would provide her five topics every month supported by facts and figures on which she would have to write messages on all three social media platforms. Have you ever written on social topics on social media, we ask, to have an idea if the actor has an understanding of such issues? She does, indeed. “Jo main believe karti hoon wo main bolti hoon. We do whatever … we have done this no-smoking, girl child,” Leonne tells us, while her hubby Daniel helps her recount all those topics she covers on social media. So, why not become active on social media, we suggest. But don’t fire on all your cylinders at once. People would take it otherwise. You can make a start right away picking up a social issue here and there. But don’t post messages everyday. Understanding the nuances of such a delicate assignment, Leonne says, “Wo logon ko accha nahi lagta (People don’t like that).” Yes, what you say is true as doing so would send a wrong message to them. Then, you know, we are working on a hidden agenda. “Haan (Yes),” she says, agreeing.

Before wrapping up the interview, we ask Leonne if everything is clear to her. If there is any confusion, she can tell us, we say. “Nahi (No) … clear,” she tells us in turn, giggling. To seek confirmation from her about the whole deal, we tell her all financial aspects have already been discussed with her husband Daniel. Leonne leaves us in no doubt when she says, “Mujhe sirf accha kaam karna hai … accha message pahunchana hai … then wo mere liye bahut accha hai (I have to do something good only … I have to send across good messages … then it is good also for me).” This is what we are looking forward to, we say, and you know our motive is to help the BJP come to power again. “Modi Sir ne Daniel ko overseas citizen banaya toh hum zaroor support karenge (We will definitely support provided Modi Sir [the BJP government] grant Daniel overseas citizen status),” says Leonne.

Our interview ends with this parting shot by her.

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