Shia cleric demands Zakir Naik be banned

Shia cleric demands Zakir Naik be banned

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July 14, 2016

Shia cleric demands Zakir Naik be banned

LUCKNOW: A Shia cleric on Wednesday demanded banning the speeches of controversial preacher of Peace TV Zakir Naik as also an investigative probe into his funding.

Maulana Yasoob Abbas was addressing an audience at a protest against the Saudi Arabian government on the 89th anniversary of the demolition of the tomb of Fatima Zehra, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad and his kin in Saudi Arabia.

“The Saudi government is nurturing world terrorism, be it in the guise of Zakir Naik or ISIS or others. All these people and organisations are Saudi agents against whom the Indian government should make a swift intervention before it is too late, as is in the case of the recent Bangladesh attacks,” said the Maulana who is also the spokesperson of the All India Shia Personal Law Board.

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