How Paying Rs. 5.25 cr Earned Sudip Sen Chairmanship of UP Tourism, a Lok Sabha Ticket from the SP

How Paying Rs. 5.25 cr Earned Sudip Sen Chairmanship of UP Tourism, a Lok Sabha Ticket from the SP

Mahesh C. Donia and Deepak Kumar |
April 26, 2019

As Nazrul Geeti singer and his spouse became the single largest individual donors of the Samajwadi Party, they conveniently misreport the same to the authorities. Other donors also follow suit.

New Delhi: An analysis of documents available in public domain by Cobrapost has found that some individuals, such as Sudip Ranjan Sen, and business houses made substantial donations to Samajwadi party between 2007 and 2014. But none of them bothered to report those donations faithfully to various authorities, in contravention of law. When the then Samajwadi Party Government of Uttar Pradesh appointed Sudip Ranjan Sen Chairman of the UP Tourism Corporation in 2013, the news created ripples in political circles. The well-known Nazrul Geeti singer from far off Kolkata also fought Lok Sabha election in 2014 on SP ticket, which he lost. However, these arrangements were a quid pro quo for the hefty donations that SP would get from Sudip and his wife Aditi Sen between 2011 and 2013.

Cobrapost findings show the following:

  • The SP received a sum of Rs. 5.25 crore from Sens between 2011–12 and 2013–14.
  • These sums were donated by instruments drawn on various banks.
  • Some of these donations were not truthfully reported to the income tax authorities.
  • At least four companies which donated to the SP did not report the same in their balance sheets.
  • Other donors, both individual and institutional, to the SP did so by using fake PANs.

According to the documents available with Cobrapost, Sudip and Aditi made a contribution to the SP of Rs. 1.56 crore in 2011–12 (Annexure: Samajwadi Party 2011–12.pdf, page 3, s. no. 8–12), through the Axis Bank branch at Lucknow and Delhi, Rs. 2.19 crore in 2012–13, through the Salt Lake branch of Axis Bank, the Bangalore branch of Bank of India and Indian Bank and the Kolkata branch of Standard & Chartered Bank (Annexure: Samajwadi Party 2012–13.pdf, page 2–3, s. no. 2–12) and Rs. 1.50 crore in 2013–14, through the Bangalore branch of Bank of India (Annexure: Samajwadi Party 2013–14.pdf, page 2, s. no. 1–6). The husband–wife duo thus donated Rs. 5.25 crore to the SP in this period from six different accounts. However, they failed to mention these donations in their returns filed with the Income Tax Department, say highly placed sources. In addition, according to the returns filed through Form 24A with the Election Commission of India, entries have been made in four different names: Sudeep Sen, Sundeep Sen, Sudip Sen with DIN 00702273 and Sudiip Ranjan Sen in PAN APTPS3453B. Interestingly, against a donation of Rs. 2.19 crore in 2012–13, Sudip Sen has in his returns to income tax authorities for the fiscal shown a paltry Rs. 60000 to have donated to the party.

It is after the Sens made hefty donations to the SP in 2011–12 and 2012–13, Sudip was made Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation in February 2013. A political greenhorn, Sen also sprang a surprise when he was given a ticket by the party to fight parliamentary elections from Raiganj constituency in West Bengal, which he lost. Sen runs a music institute called Basanti Bidya Bithi at Kolkata, which offers courses in Rabindrasangeet, Kathak and Odissi dances, vocal classical music and Nazrulgeeti, thumri, ghazal, bhajan and other forms of the art. The institute was set up by his grandfather Manoranjan Sen.

However, the Sens were not the only ones who did not report their donations to the SP truthfully. Among the individual donors who have contributed to the coffers of the SP are Rajesh Yadav and Chhatrapal Singh Yadav. Rajesh donated Rs. 100000 through the Ghaziabad branch of Central Bank of India in 2011–12 and Chhatrapal made a donation of Rs. 101000 through the Jhansi branch of State Bank of India in 2013–14. However, their respective PANs, APDPY2507N and AAFTY1008F, are fake.

Apart from these individual donors, some companies also donated to the SP, but none of them did bother to declare these donations in their returns. One such company is Honda Siel Cars which donated Rs. 10 lakh to the SP in 2007–08. Similarly, playing a benefactor to the SP, Win Medicare Pvt. Ltd. donated Rs. 25 lakh in 2011–12 and Rs. 25 lakh in 2014–15. G.S. Pharmabutor also donated Rs. 25 lakh to the SP in the year 2011–12. However, all these companies conveniently forgot to make any entries of these donations in their returns and balance sheets of the fiscal years concerned. (PDF File: 01130-Balance Sheet Associated Sched.pdf; Contribution Report_07_08.pdf, page-28, Party 2011-2012.pdf, page-2;; Samajwadi Party 2014-2015.pdf, page-3;; WIN MEDICARE PRIVATE LIMITED, 31.03.2015, BALANCESHEET); (Samajwadi Party 2011-2012.pdf, page-2;; GS PHARMBUTOR PRIVATE LIMITED, 31.03.2012, BALANCESHEET)

Among the five electoral trusts India’s big corporate houses have set up to channel funds to political parties, General Electoral Trust donated Rs. 1 crore to the SP in 2011–12. But the PAN AABTG2645D quoted in their return was found to be fake.

We sent a detailed questioner to all individuals, companies and the spokesperson of the Samajwadi Party by email, but none of them have so far reverted to us. We will incorporate their version in the story as and when we receive the same.


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