Aman Verma, TV Anchor and Actor

Aman Verma, TV Anchor and Actor

Asit Dixit and Umesh Patil |
February 19, 2019

“I would love all in cash.”

Beginning his career as an actor in Doordarshan series Pachpan Khambe Laal Diwar in 1987, Aman Verma attained a celebrity status with TV series like Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, while anchoring the first season of Indian Idol and hosting popular shows like Khul Ja Simsim. In an acting career that spanned two decades, Verma acted in scores of films and TV series. His promising career hit the nadir after the 2005 casting couch controversy, pushing him into oblivion, almost. The actor has about 3,500 followers on Facebook and more than 8,000 on Twitter. His Instagram account boasts more than 48,000 followers.

We met Verma at Love & Latte coffee shop in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. When we tell him how he can help us promote BJP on social media by saying good things about it has done at the centre, Verma asks, “So, how does this work economically in my favor, how and how may?” It depends how many followers a celebrity has on social media, we tell him. For instance, you have 8,000 followers on Twitter, but you have credibility. Anyway you can always tell us what your expectation is. The actor, however, puts the ball again in our court saying, “Nahi toh aapke you also must be having any kind of system in terms of ki aap iss tareh se what are the payments that you … (No, you also must be having any kind of system in terms of … what are the payments that you …)?” There will be a contract for eight months, we tell him, as we are targeting 2019 elections.

Verma keeps an eye on political development in the country and, while eager to know when he is supposed to start, says, “Nahi nahi wo main samajh gaya wo main ye hee soch raha tha ki saari cheejein abhi chaloon ho jayengi. Karnataka election kee saari cheejein aa gai hain … kitna 104 … 104. Fantastic. I agree, I completely agree. I think what BJP has done in last 4 years it is very, very commendable and if given another chance definitely bahut aage, haan kuch cheejon mein they should have little more … (No, I got it. I was thinking if all things will start immediately as Karnataka election has thrown up all things … how much 104 … 104 … Fantastic. I agree, I completely agree. I think what BJP has done in last 4 years it is very, very commendable and if given another chance definitely, yes in some matters they should have little more …).”   

Appreciating his viewpoint, we come back to discussing his fee. There are some options for you, we say. Either you may go for an eight-month contract or you can charge per tweet. In order to put his up case for a better bargain, Verma says. “Aap mujhe apna jo bhi aap offer kar rahe hain … dekhiye mere paas iss tareh kee bahut saare offer aate rehte hain, toh main sabse poochhta hoon aap mujhe apnaa bataiye. Aapka ye jo tweet hai in sabka hai. Mera ek package hai. Abhi kai logon ke saath main judne wala hoon … toh suddenly mere followers barh jayenge in the span of one month pehle ek mahine main toh usmein bhi hum kuch kar sakte hain toh we can work upon that (You can tell me what is your offer. I often get such offers. I ask them what they want to pay me. They all have this tweet thing. Everyone has a package so do I. I am going to join many people … So suddenly my followers will increase in the span of one month. So, we can do something about it. We can work upon that).”

This social media campaign will start from June, we tell him. The first few months, you will have to write only positive things about the party. We will provide content in the form of video or audio. Take, for example, the Kathua rape case. Everybody is asking why Modiji is silent on this issue. Now, you can say in your messages how come Modiji has anything to do with this case. Why not raise your boys as cultured creatures.

Agreeing, Verma says, “Bilkul, bilkul (Sure, sure).” Before the interview comes to an end, we tell him we would pay him Rs. 50,000 per message. “And how is the payment going to come in?” Verma asks. Tell us which mode of payment will be comfortable for you, we say, in cash or in part cash? “I would love all in cash,” replies Verma.

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